Improve circulation, reduce inflammation, decrease pain and enhance mobility.


What is SoundWave Hawaii Therapy?

Soundwave Hawaii Therapy uses the Medsonix Therapy System (MTS) which is a patented and FDA Class 1 device to emit low-frequency sound stimulation (LFSS) device that improves inflammation, circulations, nervous system function, overall cellular health and pain.


Who can benefit?

SoundWave Hawaii Therapy helps those who suffer from pain or ailments and are seeking a non-invasive, painless and drug-free alternative.

How does it work?

A transducer immersed in water sends acoustic pressure waves through a fluid reservoir. The waveform is carried through in every direction to stimulate every cell in the body.


Call us at 808-784-1100 to schedule your first FREE session!


Windward City Shopping Center

45-480 Kaneohe Bay Drive

Suite C-26

Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744

(next to 24 Hr Fitness)

Monday / Wednesday / Friday

9 am - 6 pm

Tuesday / Thursday

9 am - 4 pm



9 am - 1 pm


Appointment required.

Physical Distancing

Cleaning in Between Sessions

Mask Required

Due to Covid-19 and for the health and safety of both customers and staff, no walk-in customers allowed.

Please observe proper safety protocols (e.g., face covering and physical distancing) when visiting.

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