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What To Expect

Each session is 60 minutes. The SoundWave Hawaii Therapy device emits a high-pitched sound. Customers may feel a warm, tingly sensation throughout their entire body or around the affected area. This is typically due to increased circulation by helping to dilate blood vessels. Patients may also feel a noticeable energy boost during or after treatment. Some patients experience a delay in healing or temporary worsening of symptoms due to the cleansing of toxins and increased circulation.


We offer complimentary noise-cancelling headphones and earplugs along with comfortable leather recliners and soft, plush blankets.


Improve Energy and Healing Recovery

SoundWave Hawaii Therapy uses low frequency/high pressure acoustic sound waves to break up infectious colonies within damaged tissues caused by disease, allowing for increased blood flow to the damaged tissues. Blood circulation previously blocked by these colonies can now flood the damaged tissues and restore normal functionality. The body can then begin to heal itself by clearing out toxins, calming inflammation, and decreasing pain.

Sit Back & Relax

Watch tv, listen to music, read, craft, catch up on emails or take a nap!


SoundWave Hawaii Therapy helps relax the body by…

  • Resets the autonomic nervous system

  • Dilates blood vessels to improve blood flow

  • Stimulates mitochondria in cells to increase energy

  • Strengthens the lymphatic system to reduce inflammation

  • Relaxes muscle tension

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