"...my circulation has significantly improved helping restore a new energy level that I once had. Once again,

I am able to sleep uninterrupted through the night."

I had four spinal surgeries and five spinal epidural injections over a nine-month period. It was 18 months since my last surgery and I still continued to suffer from burning pain in both feet and ankles. Instead of more surgery and injections I began searching for another health option. Fortunately, I found SoundWave Hawaii Therapy.  From my initial session the burning pain was reduced significantly and my drop foot syndrome and body balance was much improved. The reduction of inflammation created from all of the surgical procedures has helped me return to my daily exercise routines which includes golfing. Also, my circulation has significantly improved helping restore a new energy level that I once had. Once again, I am able to sleep uninterrupted through the night. Thanks to SoundWave Hawaii Therapy I’ve returned to a lifestyle that 3 years ago I thought would never be possible.

– Vince Goo, Former UH Women’s Basketball Coach

On November 2017, I slipped and fell and hit my knee. MRI showed that I tore my meniscus. For one year I tried PT but I still experienced a sharp pain in my knee. Just getting out of the car or getting up from a sitting position was painful. My next option to relieve my knee pain would be surgery to clean the torn meniscus. I decided to concede to the pain and not to do the surgery. Then in January, my husband suggested that I try this new therapy called SoundWave treatment. After just two one-hour sessions, for the first time in one year I had no pain in my knee. After three months of treatment I am still pain free. Now getting out of the car, standing from a sitting position, and even getting up on the airplane for a stretch I have no pain in my knee. My goal is to be able to try and play golf this summer. 

– G. Kop, Kaneohe, HI

SoundWave Hawaii Therapy has been a great pain relief for me...specifically, it has about eliminated pain for my Hip SI and lower back condition and has also reduced the pain level in my neck and shoulder area. I also sleep better at nights.  

– R. Inouye, Kaneohe, HI

Natural/Alternative Medicine

SoundWave Hawaii Therapy has really helped with my circulation in my shoulders and neck. I noticed a significant difference after my second visit. Highly recommend you give it a try! 

– Lanai Tabura, Honolulu, HI

After just one treatment at SoundWave Hawaii Therapy, it helped decrease pain being caused by post-surgery inflammation and from that night on, I started having the best night’s sleep I’ve had in over two years! 

– L. Marble, Kaneohe, HI

SoundWave Hawaii Therapy has helped me with a number of ailments, specifically with my cancer treatments. I have less anxiety, swelling, aches and pains, and I can sleep better at night. 

"Mahalo so much to SoundWave Hawaii Therapy for providing a comfortable place

to receive some

relief of my aches

and pains, have

more mobility, to allow my body to heal and most of

all to feel better!"

– N. Gushitomi, Honolulu, HI

My son's arms were sore from practice the day before and it was still sore when we arrived to the appointment. He did say that his arms felt better after the treatment. We were pretty sold since he usually complains about muscles being sore for at least 2 days after practice/game. We knew this would be helpful for his sports recovery so we decided to take advantage of their current holiday special: 4 sessions for $125. 

– C. Penebacker, Kailua, HI

Recently my child got hit in the eye with a soccer ball causing her temporary vision loss due to inflammation. She also had bleeding in her eye, an abrasion, and bruising. Took her to Soundwave. The external bruising  and internal bleeding healed very quickly. I have to believe SoundWave Hawaii Therapy helped to speed that process along. She also enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere and that the chairs reclined. I joined her for the session and toward the end noticed that my whole body tingled. Interesting! I also had great energy that day and slept incredibly well that night. Lynne, one of the owners, is great to work with and makes sure you are comfortable and feel welcome. Overall, I enjoyed the experience and will be back.

– C. Leonida, Kaneohe, HI

Got my free session on Tuesday and I’ve been walking around with noticeably less pain in my knees. I got a bunch of chores done and did some baking because I felt better than I’ve been in a few months.  

– J. Talalotu-Manulauti, Pearl City, HI

"After just two one-hour sessions, for the first time in one year I had no pain in my knee.  After three months of treatment

I am still pain free."

Arthritis, inflammation, multiple surgeries and cancer has put me in always some kind of ache or pain. I noticed after coming to SoundWave Hawaii Therapy that there was an improvement in tasks that were once difficult to do. Vacuuming, bending to tie my shoe laces and climbing up stairs can now be done without a struggle! As I continue treatment sessions, I also am experiencing less tension, more energy, and better mind clarity. Mahalo so much to SoundWave Hawaii Therapy for providing a comfortable place to receive some relief of my aches and pains, have more mobility, to allow my body to heal and most of all to feel better! 

– K.T., Kaneohe, HI



Article as published in MidWeek magazine, February 2019

A woman experiences less anxiety and aches and sleeps better

while she undergoes cancer treatments. A former UH coach

golfs his first 18 holes in years, after finding relief from chronic

back pain. A young athlete recovers faster from a sports injury

and can get back to playing again. These are just a few stories

of the people we were able to help through our small, locally-

owned business, SoundWave Hawaii Therapy.


I first learned about soundwave therapy through my father’s

friend who offered the service in Hilo. Their location was

dubbed the “Cane Club” because anyone who used a cane

ended up not needing it and leaving it behind after a series

of treatments. What intrigued me even more, was the

simplicity of it all – the treatments took place in comfy,

reclining chairs that surrounded the soundwave machine –

it was a relaxed setting and they enjoyed talking stories and

spending time together.


During that same time, I was also at a pivotal moment in my life having just survived cancer. I was trying to improve my cellular health and wanted to help others who were battling cancer.


Now, through the support of my family, and together with my business partner, Quynh Mar Chong, we are offering this non-invasive, innovative therapy to improve people’s health in a holistic way, working from the inside out.


The patented therapy is given through an FDA Class 1 device that emits low frequency acoustic pressure waves that optimizes your whole body health and performance. Most people have felt a difference after just one treatment. It’s painless. It’s drug-free. It’s natural.


As a busy woman with a young son and full-time job, many have asked why I decided to take on more with starting a small business. Honestly, it’s a no-brainer. Through SoundWave Hawaii Therapy, I’m helping to improve the lives of my loved ones and creating an extended community. That is what drives my motivation.


I hope that you’ll join our ‘ohana. Everyone receives their first session at no cost or obligation. You can visit our website at www.SoundWaveHawaii.com for more information or call us at 808-784-1100 to book your free session. We look forward to helping you lead a happier and healthier life.

Warmest Mahalos,

Lynne Hirayama, co-owner


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